Product sheet / Manual
Example of created web surveys with EasySurveyor


EasySurveyor Enterprise Suite is Windows application for electronic forms. You create, distribute, recieve, manage and archive the forms in our suite of applications. You create the forms in several ways, manually in our tool, importing files from databases or other applications. The software gives you the tools for creating question groups and forms that are saved and reused for new distribution. There is a tree view with folders to keep a good structure while creating forms.

EasySurveyor workflow is divided into three steps:
  • Design
  • Project
  • Analyze

The design tool makes it quick an easy to create a new form. The software incline is adapted to design your own personally designed electronic forms. Some of the functions are:

  • Question group with answer alternatives
  • Several fonts and colors
  • Insert pictures, sound and videos
  • Page formatting
  • And more…
You can make a question obligatory or not obligatory to answer. The obligatory question must be answered to complete the form. This increases the hit rate for completing the form correctly. While designing the form it is possible to preview your design on a web browser. You have tools for making the forms easier to complete and understand. If there is a need, you can also insert help section to each page containing information to the user.

When the form is ready for distribution you create a distribution list. You give the form dates in which it is active, register the named participants or make it anonymous and other settings. When the project is created, the system will automatically generate the unique links to the form.
The form is distributed in a link thru e-mail, or as a link from your intranet or your website.
You can import addresses for distribution from Microsoft Outlook or from your ERP or CRM system. You can also add addresses manually.

To analyze the result from the project the answers can be exported to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or directly to your own systems. All results from the survey will be shown in diagrams and text with answer frequency, number of users, etc. During the export, a wizard gives you the opportunity to specify what questions to analyze and how.


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